AWS Certificate Management makes ssl for your elb listeners super easy!


If you have committed to using the AWS resources to their fullest (and for now, are using the us-east region), adding ssl to your website has just become super easy! With the new Certificate Manager, no more csr request and… Continue Reading


Upgrade your b-652 air speakers part 2


Crossover time! So they have finally arrived, my Dayton Audio XO2W-4.5K 2-Way Speaker Crossover’s! As you may remember my goal for this project was to use only Dayton Audio components to make a great sounding and affordable 2.1 system for my… Continue Reading


Oh My ZSH FTW!!!

2016-01-23 12_53_08-daniel@debian_ ~_.ssh

I’ve recently switched from bash to zsh as my primary shell and have been enjoying it

but ran across this post that pointed me to ohmyz.sh that has a very nicely documented on github .zshrc file and alot of additional themes,… Continue Reading


Upgrade your b652-air speakers


So the people in demonsaw know, but I haven’t told the world yet, just how much I love my Dayton Audio b652-air speakers! For a budget speaker you can NOT beat the sound these reproduce! The classic b652’s have held… Continue Reading


New Year, New Keyboard!


So I just wanted to share some geeky mechanical keyboard love and some pic’s of my new WASD V2 Keyboard that I had customized. Really nice keyboards, I highly recommend them! (looking at the code next for some led love!)… Continue Reading


dockercraft – manage your containers from inside minecraft!


What can’t minecraft do? To that point, what can’t Docker do either?! If you spend a lot of time dealing with containers, you might enjoy the new dockercraft image the folks at docker have released, it’s awesome!  Here’s a link… Continue Reading

How to do 1:1 nat using Untangle NGFW 11


So I’ve recently switched from pfSense back to Untangle not for any real reason other than it’s been 3+ years and I wanted to re-visit some of my old favs, plus I just dig this stuff! I also briefly tried… Continue Reading


Demonsaw Startup Script (Linux)

2015-08-21 00_39_49-Demonsaw_ Gifts_ Zazzle.com Store

So I’ve recently started hosting a demonsaw public router on blackunicorn.xyz, of course this wouldn’t be a good server implementation if it didn’t start after a reboot so I’ve created this basic startup script. I also like to run it… Continue Reading


A Public demonsaw router by BlackUnicorn!

2015-08-21 00_39_49-Demonsaw_ Gifts_ Zazzle.com Store

If you had a chance to make it to DEFCON23 this year or, like me have had to catch up on all the cool stuff after the fact, you might have noticed demonsaw and if you know me and my… Continue Reading

Car-Pi Diem!


Long story short, I have replaced my car stereo with a raspberry pi using volumio as a base, and some basic electrical skills and made something that sounds way better than stock! Because I’m sharing this project across a few… Continue Reading