Car-Pi Diem!


Long story short, I have replaced my car stereo with a raspberry pi using volumio as a base, and some basic electrical skills and made something that sounds way better than stock! Because I’m sharing this project across a few… Continue Reading


Take volumio to the limit with your raspberry pi2

MPD: The Prodigy - Mindfields [The Fat of the Land Disc 1-1]_044

I bought a new case for my raspberry pi 2 that’s just absolutely sexy (and I love it!) and made me think of a nice high-end piece of audio hardware and that reminded me of raspyfi which has changed into… Continue Reading


Ansible Playbook to create a minimal headless raspberry pi


A few nice tweets on my headless pi post, and seeing as I’m on a big ansible trip for work, I figured I’d start teaching myself the workings of ansible by actually doing. (really that’s the only way.) So why… Continue Reading


How to partition (ephemeral) instance storage on AWS at boot time


So using larger instance sizes in Amazon Web Services provide you with local to the vm storage for a nice and fast, free local storage, the problem is it’s ephemeral storage, so if you stop and start, or launch new… Continue Reading


Prepare your headless pi


I’ve begun to amass a horde of raspberry pi’s (think crazy cat lady but with blinking lights, and male.) and use them almost exclusively as headless servers, meaning its all ssh over the network, I never put a screen on… Continue Reading


How I monitor my Raspberry Pi Bitcion Miner from the CLI


For starters, I’ve done most builds for a pi mining rig, and enjoy them all, but wanted to give 2 of them a shout. The adafruit bitcoin mining rig, was awesome, (you can see it’s corpse lounging on the right… Continue Reading

CloudRanger goes live!


So Dave’s finally done it, CloudRanger is in live beta! If you use any cloud services in your organization and are looking for a simple, streamlined automation process to create, backup, start/stop and so many other features, you really need… Continue Reading


Amazon EBS Software Raid-0


So I’ve been doing alot of NFS and MySQL servers in AWS lately and they’ve all wanted a nice and fast raid-0 array for obvious performance reasons, and the Amazon Doc on the subject is good, but not 100%. Like… Continue Reading

Psudo SSL for free the easy way.


So I was down at my local Vape Shop and the owner was telling me he was releasing his own line of e-liquid and if I could help him build a website. No sweat! But he’s a very new shop,… Continue Reading

Debian Minecraft Server using ram disk


In this post I take you step by step on how to create a ramdisk backed minecraft server. Continue Reading