CloudRanger goes live!


So Dave’s finally done it, CloudRanger is in live beta! If you use any cloud services in your organization and are looking for a simple, streamlined automation process to create, backup, start/stop and so many other features, you really need… Continue Reading


Amazon EBS Software Raid-0


So I’ve been doing alot of NFS and MySQL servers in AWS lately and they’ve all wanted a nice and fast raid-0 array for obvious performance reasons, and the Amazon Doc on the subject is good, but not 100%. Like… Continue Reading

Psudo SSL for free the easy way.


So I was down at my local Vape Shop and the owner was telling me he was releasing his own line of e-liquid and if I could help him build a website. No sweat! But he’s a very new shop,… Continue Reading

Debian Minecraft Server using ram disk


In this post I take you step by step on how to create a ramdisk backed minecraft server. Continue Reading

Script to start opentracker and unreal at boot time


So being I’m now parsing out my services after breaking down my hosting environment, I’m left with some services that I run having to be manually started every time I reboot a server. While that’s not a huge deal as… Continue Reading

New Environment Speed Test


So being I’ve built a completely new hosting environment I of course wanted to see how it was performing, so I used the pingdom tools to do a speedtest on my page loading. Granted, it’s a very basic site without… Continue Reading

2015 Kicks off a brand new start!


So many Changes! First off you’ll notice that all of my old posts are gone. Yes I still have them and maybe someday I’ll get around to importing them, but I’m kind of liking the idea of a fresh start.… Continue Reading